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Mon, Apr 22 2019, 21:11 EDT.

Top Picks

Industry: Fund Purchased Gain
Consumer Cyclical: Automotive (FSAVX) 2019-01-31 4.47%
Financials: Brokerage and Inv Mgmt (FSLBX) 2019-02-04 5.02%
Materials: Materials (FSDPX) 2019-02-06 6.53%
Technology: Semiconductors (FSELX) 2019-02-13 15.08%
Industrials: Defense and Aerospace (FSDAX) 2019-02-13 2.04%

Last removed

Precious Metals: Gold (FSAGX) on 2019-04-17

Selection rules for Top Picks:
  • Aim to invest in up to six sector funds, each representing one of the twelve industry groups.
  • The funds are purchased, or sold in response to rating upgrades to BUY, or downgrades to SELL, respectively.
  • During weak or declining market conditions aim to raise cash reserves to preserve investment capital.
  • Each fund is held at least for 30 days to comply with the short-term redemption rules (see fees and roundtrip rule at

New Trades

Trade Ideas
Industry: Fund Rating Trade
Add to Top Picks
Energy: Energy (FSENX)
Upgraded to BUY rating New Purchase
Energy: Natural Gas (FSNGX) Upgraded to BUY rating New Purchase
Energy: Natural Resources (FNARX) Upgraded to BUY rating New Purchase
Industry: Fund Rating What to look for
Telecom: Wireless (FWRLX) Rated HOLD Upgrade to BUY
Technology: Computers (FDCPX) Rated HOLD Upgrade to BUY
Industrials: Air Transportation (FSAIX) Rated HOLD Consolidation followed by new high
Real Estate: Real Estate Investment (FRESX) Rated BUY Downgrade

Recent Upgrades and Downgrades

Industry: Fund Action Date
Health Care: Biotechnology (FBIOX) Downgraded to SELL rating 2019-04-18
Health Care: Health Care (FSPHX) Downgraded to SELL rating 2019-04-17
Health Care: Medical Equipment (FSMEX) Downgraded to SELL rating 2019-04-17
Precious Metals: Gold (FSAGX) Downgraded to SELL rating 2019-04-16
Telecom: Wireless (FWRLX) Upgraded to HOLD rating 2019-04-11
Technology: Computers (FDCPX) Upgraded to HOLD rating 2019-04-04
Technology: Technology (FSPTX) Upgraded to BUY rating 2019-04-03
Industrials: Transportation (FSRFX) Upgraded to HOLD rating 2019-04-01
Industrials: Environment & Alt Energy (FSLEX) Upgraded to BUY rating 2019-04-01
Industrials: Industrials (FCYIX) Upgraded to BUY rating 2019-04-01

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